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About our Immigration Consulting

World famous Certified Immigration

Elmos International Consultancy Services has a Certified/ Regulated immigration consultant, authorized by the Canadian government to advise people on visiting, studying, migrating / relocating, or living / working and investing in both Canada/USA.

Elmos International Consultancy Services has been in operation for more 27 years. The team is led by Dr. Amos Fayehun (R507831) and supported by team of Immigration Lawyers in America.

As active Members of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC), they provide our clients with the most useful and updated immigration information and processes available. Find out how you can study, invest, establish enterprises and migrate to Canada.

Our Commitment to Responsible Business

Elmos has long been committed to corporate responsibility, being involved over the years in various initiatives at the local level. However, we are now taking a holistic and strategic approach as one global entity.
At Elmos, Responsible Business is a business imperative. It is how we operate – with full attention to ethics, respect for our people and for the environment while taking into account our customers’ and other stakeholders’ expectations. Our executive team oversees Responsible Business issues, providing impetus, setting broad strategy and following progress through regular updates.

Our Mision

To provide relevant quality service that exceeds customer’s satisfaction for travelers internationally. Partnering with governments and corporate by providing high technology and extensive administrative solutions with value added services that are innovative and offer value for stakeholders. We endeavor to create a reliable and exhilarating experience for customers, with our expertise and dedicated employees.

Our Vision

To be recognized as a leader in travel concierge industry and establish a platform that is identified globally, through our excellence in our business performance.