Welcome to Elmos International.


Core Values

Every aspect of Elmos represents trust, including its name. Trust and reliability, to the organization and the team, forms part of their work philosophy, and is acknowledged as a way of life. The fact that an applicant can sit back with absolute peace of mind that Elmos will pave the way for his/her travel overseas and make it happen without any fuss or glitches is a testimony to this.

Is it a tall ask for a company to be speaking of trust when it is barely a couple of years old? Not when it has trust and other core values. Watch our clients who come back to us, offering repeat business opportunities, or observe our team consistently upholding our policy of transparent business dealings – it’s not difficult to see that trust is not just a value proposition, but also adds value to our business.

But trust is just one aspect of all that Elmos stands for. Our other core values span attributes like oneness, zeal, promptness, innovation and caring, all of which come together to represent our value cornerstone.


Honesty remains the core of our being. We remain truthful to ourselves, to our team members and to the customers – and the results show. Any relationship is built on the foundations of trust and a relationship with the customer is no different. It is on this foundation that we create an atmosphere of integrity and goodwill, an atmosphere that is conducive to the growth of other values.
We earn the trust of our customers, not only through our commitments to them and the sincerity in our operations, but also through a sense of security and confidentiality that we offer them, in terms of protecting their personal information and identity, by securing their data and also by safeguarding ourselves from the risk of losing classified information to electronic theft, organized crime and economic espionage.


It is a passion to excel, to offer the customer the best that drives us to set ourselves benchmarks, to outdo ourselves and to look forward to newer challenges. This passion allows us to be self-driven and to give our best towards achieving our goals. Each of us is bestowed with the power to move mountains and it is this passion that helps us tap our inner potential and forge ahead.


Speed of response is one of the key aspects of our service to the customer. While adhering to systems and processes and fulfilling customer needs is paramount, being able to deliver within the deadline is what makes the result fruitful. The best service, on time, every time, is what helps us maintain very high degrees of customer satisfaction.


At Elmos, professionalism and corporate social responsibility are two sides of the same coin. So, just as we extend our best products and services to our customers, we also believe in sharing with the lesser privileged. Our team is as concerned about society as it is, about the company. Be it the environment or those in needs, the human face of Elmos is spurred into action. We care, and it shows in what we do.